About Jen…

What’s her Story?….

Hi and Hej~

I’m Jen Jul, a proud mama with five kids (3 + 2 step kids) and a viking music man husband.

I LOVE coffee, say ‘Americano’ and I’m there.

I love books to the point of being a hoarder and think Amazon is one of the best inventions ever.

When it comes to Life and the balancing act, we women, try as we may, try to balance it all.  Is there ever balance?


I went from a former business executive in Alaska, to a stay-at-home-Mom living in Denmark (not necessarily by choice).  I’m here to say that balance is something that I’ve let go of completely.

I just embrace the chaos.

Here’s my story…I was this Alaskan girl who was busily growing a small corporation.  I had this I-can-do-it-all single mama mind-set armed with my MBA and a Board to lead.  Then all that changed when I met, fell ridiculously in love with my Danish music man, got pregnant, got married and then moved to Denmark (in that order;).

I left the executive job that I thought would be my legacy to start all over again in a completely foreign country.  I had a toddler, a baby in the belly, two dogs and no idea what to expect at all.

Did I lose my marbles?


But I believe that life is funny, chaotic, beautiful, ever-changing and full of blessings.

I operate on coffee, faith, LOVE, a little wine and continuous learning.

The things I am most passionate about helping others with digital & social media marketing, photography and living my best expat life in Denmark with my Danish family.

I started this blog last year and got completely discouraged and overwhelmed.

So I gave up.

But, the idea of sharing my life with you, learning some new things and sharing more still stayed with me.  Sound familiar?

So I’m back, a bit more grounded, focused and determined.

My goal is to share my life and learning’s with you and essentially share my journey.

I’m passionate about my family, my work and living an unconventional life abroad.

If you’re dying to know more, here are five things that you might not know about me:
  1. I love pasta.  Like I’m a bit obsessive about it.  I make this go-to recipe called, “garlic noodles,” that we eat almost weekly.
  2. I like playing solitaire on my phone before I go to bed.  Its my thing.  (don’t judge me;)
  3. I do NOT have a green thumb.  Gardening is not my thing so please don’t ask me to take care of your plants.
  4. I grow up in rural Alaska.  I know how to fish and hunt.  Subsistence living is a beautiful way to live.
  5. I love black & white photography.  It’s what I call ‘soulful’ photos.

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