Why do it?

Why digital marketing, social media marketing, my why

Social Media Marketing.  Digital Marketing.  Branding.  SEO. Communications.  Affiliated marketing.  Blogging.  Website & content creation.  Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Facebook ads?

Lions, tigers, and bears….oh my.

It’s an overwhelming and daunting world of digital content.  How do you wade through these waters of online marketing?  How do you know what is real and what is fake?

What is the process of digital marketing a business?

How important is it TO market on social media?

How do you make money at it?

These are all questions I had as I learn how to market my brand and business.

So why do it?

I am on social media as a means to stay in touch with family and friends back home.  It’s my connection to the outside world.

For those of you that don’t know, I am from Alaska and I live in rural Denmark with my Danish family.   When I say ‘rural,’ I literally mean that fields surround me, there is no coffee shop, and people don’t readily speak English as opposed to their native Danish language.  I don’t speak Danish, sure I can muddle my way through a basic conversation but not when people have never spoken English before.

It’s a discouraging challenge.

So social media and especially Instagram and Facebook have been huge lifelines. Who doesn’t love to see beautiful photos of your friend’s kids at the state fair or fishing on the Kenai River?  I love it.  The connection to Alaska, the discovery and the sharing are what social media is basically all about.

I’ve always loved it and I want to know more.

So why digital marketing?  Why the interest?

Well lets back up.

After I moved to Denmark and had my last baby ever, I started taking photos of her and the family. Then I began getting really into ‘editing’ these photos.  I got really good at taking photos on my iPhone.  I noticed good light and moments that I had to capture.  Then a family member loaned me a DSLR camera.  It was a heavy, old and an oh-so-beautiful Canon DSLR.  I literally felt as if it gave me life.

I soaked up anything and everything I could find on digital photography (which, there is A LOT out there), took photos everywhere I went, edited galore and started posting on social media.

Then something interesting happened.  I started getting some work.  I started getting actual photography work.  Concert gigs, lifestyle portraits, business media photo shoots were just a few of the opportunities that came my way.  It was wonderful and I feel fortunate to have those opportunities.

But, like anything else, consistency in the photography business in Denmark is nonexistent.  I still love taking photos and portraits and lifestyle photography is still my jam.  B-U-T…it’s no money-maker here.  And I need to make money.  Which leads me to my “WHY.”

As a former business executive and continuous learner (and book hoarder;) I feel as if I stumbled upon ‘digital marketing’ when I started listening to entrepreneurial and business podcasts.

(By-the-way, if you don’t know about PODCASTS, you had better get ON this bandwagon my friend!  Seriously!  If you like listening to people chat about anything and everything from nutrition to business and even yoga…its out there and it’s all educational.  I love podcasts because I grew up listening to the radio.  Now I listen while I’m walking the dogs, running and even while I’m showering.  There is such a plethora of information out there.  Start listening to podcasts!  You won’t be disappointed!).

Ok…my WHY:

I love social media.

I love digital marketing.

I am interested in social media marketing as a means to start a business.  I would like to educate myself on all things “social media marketing” so I can teach other potential entrepreneurs, businesses and like-minded people to navigate these muddy waters of all things digital marketing.

Simon Sinek, a brilliant motivational speaker, and author said, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.”

Why did you buy those shoes that you saw a gal wearing on Instagram?  Did you see yourself wearing them?  Did you visually pair that shoe with an outfit in your head?  Was it love at first sight?

I am motivated by this, this powerful social media/digital marketing because it’s so visual.  We, as consumers are driven by sight and all things visual.  And so, I believe in the power of digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing is just another form of digital marketing that uses social media sites to promote products, brands and the like to create awareness about them.  I believe, like photography, it is necessary to learn.

If this blog isn’t a clear indication of how serious I am about this business, then you can just stop reading and leave my site and go about your merry way.

But, if you are like-minded and like to learn new things that will better your life, then stay tuned, add yourself to my email list and let’s learn this thing together.

September 4, 2018
September 14, 2018



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