My boring expat life…

My BoringExpat life

A day and life of an Alaskan expat

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What is life like for an Alaskan Expat living abroad? (My laptop life).
First, let me preface by saying that I am a Mom and I’m married to a pretty awesome Danish music man. We have an unconventional lifestyle with some pretty great kids. I love everything about my life….most of the time;

Having said that…life can be downright tough to navigate when living in another country. But, as an Alaska native that has lived in Seattle and other major cities in the U.S., I am used to it. I think I’ve moved every 2-4 years and I’m not even IN the military! So, now I think my family and I are settled in for a bit in our apartment in Copenhagen…for now.

So what’s MY life like nowadays? Well I am sitting here in front of my laptop in the quiet of the morning trying to complete my TEFL certification training while this blog post idea popped into my head so here I am. Gotta go when the creative juices flow!

Now its not always like this. We just got our two younger kiddos into daycare. Can we say THANK YOU JESUS! I mean, I love my kids. I would walk the Sahara for them in a hot minute. B-U-T, being home with them all day is NOT MY CUP OF TEA. Let me just get it out there and say that I am not a stay-at-home-mom. I want to work. I want to contribute to this demeaning socialist country (yeah I said it). But, two years in, I’m job search exhausted and tired of being broke. So I stopped applying.

I thought, “Damn it! I’m a mo-fo MBA graduate! I have executive business experience and even the position to prove it! I’m motivated! I’m your woman! I want to work here! I want that international experience. Is it because I’m brown?!?” I’m beginning to think so. But, atlas, the job is just not happening.

So, to the trusty laptop and Google search bar I turned. So two years in, and not by choice I may add, I became a Mompreneur

What is a Mompreneur you ask? Well its what I call, an-expat-mom-that-can’t-get-work-so-I-turned-to-on-line-marketing. Believe me when I say that I’ve taken all the on-line courses.

Here’s the list (to prove it):

-$1K1Day with Nicole Walters (entrepreneur guru)

Hootesuite Academy (Social Media Marketing training and certification)

-Digital Gangsta (comprehensive Digital Marketing training)

-Melyssa Griffin (Blog & Pinterest guru)

-Pat Flynn (Affiliate marketing guru)

-Harsh Agrawal (Blogging/Affiliate marketing guru)

-Ruth Soukup (Blogging guru)

-Jasmine Star (Instagram guru)

-Hubspot (SMM media guru)

-Facebook Marketing (How to do Facebook Ads)

So, after the kids are safely tucked away at vuggesue and børnehus (daycare) for the day, I am going through my TEFL certification and continuously learning. I am helping friends and family with their digital marketing needs and I am doing all the things. I am doing the ‘mompreneur hustle.

Some days are not awesome. I wonder if this is what I want to do or what else can I be doing?!? Other days I completely go down ‘rabbit holes of information’ and forget what I set out to do in the first place. I don’t recommend this. But, atlas, when you are motivated to serve others, you soak it all up. So I am here to say that this IS an education, a process that I have been learning frankly since I arrived in this small Scandinavian country. I could be doing more and I could BE MORE consistent for sure, but I wear many hats, and time is just flying by.

This is a work-in-progress.

So what now? I am nearing the end of a lot of education, getting the certifications and getting clients.


All I can say at the moment is that things are working, the information and content that I am applying is working. This means adding affiliate marketing links, reposting/renewing old blog posts with revamped SEO, writing content that is relevant to my target audience, teaching sweet Chinese kids English (because everyone needs a fall-back and consistent income). This means FINALLY creating the actually ‘business website’ that I’ve been dreaming about.

This means that all that I’ve been learning and soaking up for the past two years, all the notes and all the times of staying up long after the babies are asleep, will be put into action.

So here goes. Look out for my promos and keep reading. Hang on for the wild ride as I continue to learn and grow and change and fail and try again and again and again.

Join my journey.

January 2, 2019



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    January 11, 2019

    feels! I am not a mom nor married yet but I with the business experience and MBA and TEFL too. I am a nomadic Filipina like what the American mother of the kids I am babysitting here in Germany said but these days, I wouldn’t go back to the corporate slavery anymore. So I understand the hustle and the attempts to educate yourself with all the courses. Cheers and happy blogging! =)

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      January 14, 2019

      Hey! Thanks for this! Isn’t is overwhelming?!? It IS a hustle but its rewarding. Thanks again! Glad you stopped by:)


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