My Favorite Things from Amazon….

My Favorite things from Amazon

These are the Products from Amazon that have improved my EXPAT Life For The Better…

Hello. My name is Jen and I am an Amazon Addict.

I love Amazon like American women love Target.

I rely on Amazon for most of my shopping needs.

And so, I’m here to share my absolute favorite things I’ve bought since living as an Alaskan expat in Denmark.  I will be honest;  It was somewhat difficult to narrow down the list, since I buy almost everything from Christmas gifts to hair products – from the worldwide online retail giant.  It saves time and is A LOT less expensive.  However, I did categorize my items into sections because there was just too much that I LOVE from AMAZON!

Just an FYI: I hope you find these handy products as awesome as I do. I participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and I may receive a share of sales from links on this page.


since I moved to Denmark:


  • Johnson’s Baby Lotion. I love it because it keeps my kids skin soft and smelling lovely.  I grew up with this stuff so the smell alone takes me back AND you can’t find it here in Denmark.  Trust me, I’ve looked.
  • Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. Pretty much the same as #1 but it also provides great bubbles for the kids at bath time without the sting of ‘soap in the eyes.’ Both of these products are ‘hypoallergenic’ and gentle for infants.  I love it and highly recommend it.
  • Britax Romer Infant Car Seat. $124.99. I got this when I lived in rural Denmark. My baby was outgrowing her carrier car seat and I needed something fast. Since I was no where near a store that sold such things, I got it on Amazon and it was delivered the next week. It has proven to be safe, comfortable and durable for our last baby.
  • BABYBJÖRN Potty Chair. $27.30. Moms know that potty training is messy. Nothing helps more than a great potty chair.   My son used this same brand and now so does my daughter. I love it because it has armrests, is ergonomically designed for stability and comfort and the actual potty cup is easy to lift out of the stand, so it makes or easy disposal of waste. Don’t waste your time on cheap potty’s, get the one that will make your life easier like this one. Every bit helps when potty training;)

#2: BOOKS:

I can give a LONG LIST of the books that I’ve bought from Amazon but it would take up the rest of the list (and I may just do another post on ‘Books that I love’). However, I will list a few that I’ve bought ON Amazon because everything is in Danish hand its so time consuming looking for anything here that I just prefer Amazon.

#3: Office Supplies.

Again, I’ll just preface to say that EVERYTHING IN DENMARK is expensive and either they never have what you are looking for or you have to go to 10 different places in order to find it.  It is the same for office products.  I once went looking for a tape dispenser and tape because you know, it’s necessary.  I found it at a large store for the ridiculous price equivalent of $35…for a black generic tape dispenser.  That was when I turned to Amazon for all my shopping needs.  Here are a few things that I’ve bought that were budget-friendly and great quality.

#4: Thule iPhone case. $52.08. I have toddlers.  This case has proven to withstand their tossing and dropping of my iPhone.  It’s still standing because of its protective and durable shell.  They should market this to mothers, it would be a HUGE hit. Lol.


  • Combs. $5.50. I am the family barber.  I even cut our poodles hair. These combs have proven to be super helpful in grooming the kids manes.
  • Tigi Bedhead Hair wax stick. $9.00. I hate ‘fly-aways,’ you know when your hair gets frizzy or turns into fly-away hell?!? Well I do and that’s why I love this stick. I just smooth it on my hair and it keeps my hair from turning into a messy nest.
  • Activated Charcoal Natural Teeth Whitening Powder by Pro Teeth Whitening Co® $10.99. I use this everyday. Why? Well I love red wine and this product SERIOUSLY HELPS keep my TEETH white (mostly;) I can’t say enough about it. Its awesome and it works.
  • Charcoal Face Mask by PROCOAL.  I use this weekly to keep my face clean and free of blackheads. Its amazing! Get it!

#6: Blundstone Boots. $95.00. These boots were a Christmas gift for my hubs last year. I am TRULY AMAZED that they’ve lasted a WHOLE year of him wearing them out.  They still look great, are completely intact, comfortable and they look good on practically anyone.  They are such a great pair of boots that I actually want a pair. Come on Santa!

#7: Wonderwoman cup. $9.99. This is my favorite coffee mug. It was my silly little Christmas present to myself and I use it everyday.  It’s a great reminder of my childhood hero and well as a reminder that I’m doing ‘alright’ as a Mom;)  I even dropped it once and it didn’t break.  That’s saying a lot.  I love it so!

#8: PATAGONIA Let it be known that I am a brand whore and I love great quality clothes.  Coming from Alaska, I know what great quality outdoor clothing is and why you need it.  This is why I love all things Patagonia. Here in Denmark, even looking at anything Patagonia will give you anxiety over the outrageous prices.  And so, hence, Amazon.  I got my hubs a Patagonia jacket last year because his other one (of two years) was nearly falling apart.  To my amazement, this Patagonia jacket has withstood my hubs wear and tear.  Anyways, my go-to outerwear brand will always be Patagonia. <3

#9: GHB Dog GROOMING CLIPPERS KIT with Rechargeable Cordless and Low Noise $23.99.  I have a poodle mix that needs to be groomed about every other month. If not, he turns into a hairy matted mess.  So since I was tired of spending HOURS upon HOURS on trimming him with scissors, I invested in a grooming kit.  It was the best investment.  It takes only about 30 minutes tops and its rechargeable.  NO CORDS.  Even better, I tried it on my son.  YES…you read that right….I shaved my son’s head with the dog shaver.  I tried it after one of my hubs shavers/trimmers broke and I needed to shave my son’s head because of lice in the family.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  Come to find out- It works great!  And now we continue to use it as the ‘family grooming shaver.’  Important to note: I had to use a converter cord as I ordered one with the UK outlet but it charges and works great.

#10: Camera gear. I’ve purchased the majority of my camera gear from Amazon.  Its so much easier, cheaper and it comes right to my door.  Here are a few things that have helped my photography business that I’ve ordered from Amazon:

  • Hama Tripod $37.71 Its proven to be quite handy and stable for portraits.
  • Reflector set $18.43 Having just one reflector is necessary but when you get a set,it really helps for all lighting situations. I love mine!
  • Maxima Foto Lens Hood $8.99 I’ve used this throughout the summer and its kept the sun flares out of my pics. It’s a must have for any photographer.
  • Bagsmart Camera case. $25.99. This fit like a perfect glove over my Nikon 5600 DLSR. There was even enough room for the lens hood and so many compartments to keep extra battery packs and memory cards. So handy and completely protective.

#11: USB Plug Charger SPLAKS 4-Port USB Wall Charger with Interchangeable UK EU US Travel Adaptor. $9.89. We use this everyday.  We are a family of 6 and we have pre-teens….so having enough chargers for our phones is vital to our sanity around the house.

#12: USB Charging Cables iPHone Charger Cable Xinfene (3Pack 3FT/1M Nylon Braided cord) $7.99.  You can never have enough charger cables in my house.  These came in handy when the regular white ones would break or wear/tear happened and these ones have proven durable and affordable. Great buy!

So what are you great Amazon buys?  Do you buy stuff that you use regularly or just gifts?  I love Amazon for the convenience, the affordability and the timesaving of it all.  No Stresss.

Stay informed of more expat mom buys from Amazon.  Cheers!

November 18, 2018
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