My second life…

My second life

“Daring greatly means to have the courage to be vulnerable.” ~Brene Brown

Did you know me before I was an expat stay-at-home-mom?

Let me tell you, I was this extrovert businesswoman who led a million dollar corporation from nothing to a thriving business.

I prided myself on being a strong single mom with a great social life.

Yup, I was a strong and resilient native woman that lived life to the fullest.

Did you know that?

Now I am an expat, married stay-at-home-mom, not by choice.  Let me explain.  I married my Danish husband, moved to his country (very naively I might add).  I expected to start over with a new job, a new life.  This was my second life.

The life part is still in progress.  Aren’t we all just works in progress? But, for pete’s sake’s…the job part is not happening!  I just can’t seem to get a job!?!  What gives Denmark?!?

I am on ALL the job sites, I look for and apply for jobs, I contact the employers and inquire about the positions, I network, I’m on all the social media group job sites, I have about 35 different versions of my CV (resume) and cover letters.  I’ve tailored my resume for the ‘Danish job market,’ and I’m learning Danish. My education was even assessed as equivalent to having a Danish MBA; “The qualifications combined are comparable in level to a Danish Master’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration.” (in Danish: en dansk kandidatuddannelse I erhvervsøkonomi).

What gives?!?

For TWO YEARS I am doing all the things. My days consist of looking for qualifying jobs, applying and getting daily rejections. DAILY REJECTIONS for TWO YEARS!?! It can get pretty discouraging.

Therefore, as a result of not having an income for over two years, I can’t pay my bills.  My credit card is heading to collections and I can barely afford anything.  I do not have my own income.  Gone are the days of buying new clothes and going to the movies even.  I’ve been wearing the same worn out running shoes for almost three years.  I can’t afford even the most basic things and that really screws with my psyche.

To go from having a decent income and thriving job to this life was definitely the hardest transition.  Now don’t get me wrong, my music man (my hubs) takes care of us and our living expenses.  He is the bread winner (quite literally).  Thus, the financial strain on our family as a result of us surviving on one freelancer income is exactly this: surviving.

So what can I do besides apply all day everyday?

What else?

This is why I say, “ I am a stay-at-home-mom-not-by-choice.”

I just can’t seem to get a job here in Denmark.  I used to think I was qualified, that I have transferable skills and that I’m versatile.  Consequently, I think I am nothing more than an immigrant that no one wants to hire.  I’m even starting to believe that it must have something to do with ‘the color of my skin’ given the current political climate here.  Even socialist, and it seems especially Scandinavian countries, have their issues with minority immigrants.  I just wonder when potential employers see my photo on my CV that’s all they see and they immediately send me a ‘rejection letter.’  I have never thought like this before as I’ve always been able to get a job in the US.

Being here for two years and applying for jobs AND GETTING CONSTANTLY REJECTED, I can’t help but to think this may be a contributing factor. Maybe I am not as skilled as I thought.  Who knows.

SOOOOoooooo I am changing my direction. Since I cannot get a JOB here, I am learning everything for a new business venture. I am rebranding myself.

So here it is, please say a BIG HELLO to Jen Jul Media.

I am (now) a one-woman digital marketing company here to make life easier for small business owners here in Copenhagen (and beyond).

I specialize in the following:

  • Photography (Portraits, Lifestyle and children)
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Marketing & Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Empowering fellow women entrepreneurs

What began as an outlet to ‘vent’ and share and ask for help is now becoming a professional platform to help small businesses with their digital marketing….

SO let me to ask you:

Are you a business in need of digital marketing?

Social media marketing?

Are you an entrepreneur?

Want to start your own business and need some help?

Do you know where to begin or is it just too overwhelming?

I get it.

It can be quite intimidating.

I can help you.

I’ve managed a music booking company’s social media platforms and other similar clients.

Do you have a potential business that you need assistance in getting the right audience to see your products?

Lets get it out there.

I want to help small businesses grow and scale their business by strategizing and executing various online marketing promotions and campaigns.

Let me help you.

This is my second life.

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