Pinterest…it’s NOT ‘just another social media site.’

Pinterest- not just another social media site

Pinterest…. who knew?!?…

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I love Facebook and Instagram.

If anyone knows me, they know that I am all about Facebook for keeping in touch with my friends & family back home (Alaska) and to engage with other entrepreneurs and expats on Facebook groups.  It’s a great platform to communicate with others.

AND Instagram is my jam.  I love it for the visual aspects of photos galore.  The features alone are why I got into social media in terms of my photography business and marketing myself.  Its so amazing and I love both of these social media sites.  I really do!


First- what exactly is Pinterest?  If you don’t know, it is a major search engine platform that allows you to discover and show photos and videos.  Think of it like an on-line visual catalog where you can find almost anything.  Literally anything on it.

So Why Pinterest?

I’m sure you’ve used Pinterest to look up delish recipes or find a new do-it-yourself (DIY) project.  AM-I-Right?  Have you ever stayed up late looking up Pinterest styling boards and wanting to buy everything?!?  Planned and pinned your whole wedding?  Yup- I sure did.

But what I didn’t know was that it can be used for business as well.  But first, did you know that upwards of 150 million people are active users of Pinterest?  Pinners (people using Pinterest), are ready buyers.  Yasssss!  85% of pinners buy products that they saw or found on Pinterest.  If that’s not amazing enough from a marketing standpoint, just look at the engagement. Pinterest has a longer shelf life than say twitter, for example.  Twitter’s tweets have a shelf life of mere minutes.  Pinterest lasts much longer and people engage longer and more often.


Let me tell you!….I didn’t know that Pinterest is a major marketing driver.  I found this out by other bloggers stating that this was their biggest marketing platform.  Pinterest is so massive that businesses concentrate their whole marketing campaigns solely on Pinterest.  AND-IT-PAYS-OFF.

The best part of Pinterest from an entrepreneurial viewpoint is that you don’t have to have a huge following to have a huge success.  You just have to know HOW to market on Pinterest.

I am learning that right NOW.  I took the advice of various bloggers and developed a ‘Pinterest strategy.’  My strategy was to ‘test’ my pins that I posted that linked back to my blog post.  When I started this, I had a tiny engagement of 15.  As of today (October 10, 2018), I have 833 monthly unique viewers.  That in itself is proof that the strategy works and I am actively pinning all my content to drive traffic to my blog.  I gotta tell you, its working friends!

UPDATE: as of February 4th 2019, I have 74.5K monthly viewers AND 4k Monthly engaged.  That means that my average daily views to my blog: has increased 140% since I started last November 2018.  The Pinterest strategy is working!  It’s so amazing!

Now there is SO-MUCH-MORE to Pinterest than simply pinning your content and hoping for the best.  It’s a process.  There are pinning strategies and tools like Tailwind that can dramatically save you time and sanity.

Tailwind is actually a HUGE driver that helped increase my blogs traffic.  What is Tailwind?  Well its a Pinterest scheduler which allowed me to schedule multiple pins that have saved me so much time.  They also find the most relevant pins and times to pin, and so much more.  Pinterest and Tailwind go hand-in-hand.  I’m still fairly new to Tailwind, but so far, it has dramatically helped increase my blog traffic.

But the BIG take away from this is that PINTEREST is a GAMECHANGER.  It has the power and ability to drive traffic to your website and get you more engagement/followers and buyers to your products.  The best part- it’s FREE.  It’s free marketing!  Who doesn’t like free?  Take it from me, get into Pinterest if you have a business and watch your business grow.

Are you on Pinterest?  If so, what do you think?

If not, why aren’t you on it?  I can help you drive my traffic to your website and therefore increase your potential clients and income.  Let’s work together.



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