What is social media marketing & WHY do you need it…

Social Media marketing

Especially if you are a business and/or an entrepreneur.

If you have been living a hermit life with no wifi, then you are dead to me. Just kidding! No, really, if you have been living under a rock or social media is a foreign concept to you, let me enlighten you. Social media is this digital platform of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.

Wiki’s definitions: Social media are interactive computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.

Did I lose you? I know, it’s a lot of wordy jargon.  Basically, social media is the ‘new marketing’ tool to reach people, communicate and learn.  Experts may disagree but whatever- its my website post. Also, social media is the place where literally billions of people (and potential customers) are hanging out daily.  They are engaging with friends, buying into brands, following pop culture and liking photos.  It has become the norm.

Enter social media marketing (SMM).  It is the most widely used, versatile and not to mention cost-effective way to market your business. If you do it correctly, a business can reach a target audience and ultimately boost their sales.

For example, let’s say that there is an artist that has a brick-and-mortar shop. They do not have an on-line web page. Due to decline in sales, they decide to create a web site and a Facebook business page. Then they hired a SMM strategist (meJ) to assist in the launch of their ad campaign. This ad is seen by thousands of people that were driven to their website and therefore increased their sales (Its important to note that it does take the right strategy and expert knowledge to really leverage social media to your advantage).

So WHY do you need it? By now you should know, social media marketing is a powerful tool. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur and/or aspire to be either, having a social media presence is absolutely necessary. The number ONE reason is that YOUR CUSTOMERS are on social media.

This was MY main reason to ‘get on the bandwagon,’ if you will. I was sold on digital marketing and more specifically, social media marketing because I did some hard research. I looked at the hard data of digital media marketing. Again, the results were staggering. If you think about it, look around you. Everyone is carrying a cellphone, everyone is sharing and posting their lives on social media to the point of not even engaging in person.

Furthermore, social media is one of the cheapest forms of marketing available, and the return-on-investment (ROI) it’s providing to the business world is growing more and more everyday. Its also one of the most popular forms of advertising.   The data doesn’t lie.

Figure 1- https://wearesocial.com/uk/blog/2018/01/global-digital-report-2018

Roughly 4 billions people are on the internet AND they are using their social media platforms to not only to ‘be sociable’ or what I call ‘being nosy,’ they are actually engaging. More than 60% of business-to-consumer marketers have gotten customers specifically through Facebook alone. Again, the numbers don’t lie.

I’ve compiled the following list of reasons why you need social media if you are a business or entrepreneur or aspire to have any internet/on-line/social media presence.

  • Social media helps connect customers with brands that you didn’t know existed. How many times did you find new and interesting things to follow and/or buy because you were just checking out a friends Instagram page. I’ve done it and found new target audiences.
  • Your competition is on social media. Yup and you can see them and see what works and doesn’t to gain a competitive edge.
  • It’s cost-effective. I mean really, you market to the world and you get results. A newspaper ad can’t do that or provide analysis of potential customers that visited your website.
  • When you advertise through social media, you target and re-target your ideal consumer.  It’s a win-win for you.
  • Through various social media channels, you will reach different audiences.  This can be specific and strategic based on what avenue you go with but the effect is that you drive more diversified leads to your website.
  • Your inbound traffic will increase.  Yaaaas, the traffic to your website will increase with your strategy of new content you post on your social media sites.  They key is to be consistent.
  • It will grow your ‘brand.’   A brand is your ‘face’ of your business.  It is the overall experience of a customer that distinguishes their business from others in the eyes of the customer.  If you post consistent and compelling content, it only adds value to the potential clients, your target audience.
  • Social media marketing enables consumers to more readily hear your message whether they like it or not.  Think about it, your audience is already on social media anyways chatting and keeping in touch and staying connected on a daily basis.  Typically, they don’t know that they are being marketed to but if they follow a brand via social media, it is because they see value in it.  They are open to it because you made it available.  It’s the power of social media marketing.
  • Consumers are looking for recommendations and they don’t even know it.  Think Pinterest, the visual search engine.  Your potential customers are on it and ready to buy.  It’s that word-of-mouth selling that takes marketing to a whole new level.
  • Your ideal customers on are social media. You know it.  Now you just have to find them.  Believe me when I say that they are there, on various social media channels and you just have to reach them.  Its all about reaching and connecting to your audience.

Social media marketing is a powerful tool if you know how to use it.

So do you think you need it for your business?  If so, I can help you.  Let’s create a social media strategy that will get your clients to your website.

Contact me for all your social media marketing needs.

September 15, 2018


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